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Cut Your Tax is powered by the Law Offices of Hedeker Law, which combines CPA and tax attorney services into one tax law firm.

There are important benefits to using a CPA to prepare your taxes beyond an accountant or tax preparer alone. CPAs must adhere to very strict requirements for training, competence and continuing education: making them some of the highest respected professionals in business.

So why not just use a CPA, instead of a more comprehensive tax law firm?

There are several benefits to using a tax law firm over a CPA alone. First, a licensed tax attorney can maintain strict confidentiality through attorney-client privilege, while a CPA or tax preparer who is not an attorney can be forced by the IRS to testify against you in court.

Additionally, only through a tax law firm can you officially receive full legal advice, assistance and negotiation support on such options as tax bankruptcy.

If you surpass a certain amount of assets or have complicated tax issues that may potentially leave you vulnerable to IRS scrutiny, consider using a tax law firm. Cut Your Tax provides these benefits by combining CPA and tax attorney services under one roof through Hedeker Law.

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